Chakra Tree, Crystal and Stones, Gemstone Tree, Crystal Gifts, Spiritual Decor, Crystal Tree, Crystal Pyramids, Office Decor, Meditation Accessories, Healing Crystals Tree 10-12 inches 300 Beads

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Authentic Crystals and Stones
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 3.19 x 3.23 x 10.24 inches; 9.6 Ounces
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ July 16, 2023
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ PYOR

Healing Crystal and Stones – The feng shui tree branches are beaded with seven natural semi-precious gemstones namely, red jasper crystal, amethyst crystal, lapis lazuli crystal, carnelian crystal, clear quartz crystal, yellow aventurine crystal, green aventurine crystals. These healing crystals and gemstones have their origins in India.
Seven Chakra Points – Chakras are well known, with the popularity of yoga, people are giving more interest to the seven chakras. The chakras refer to energy points, which stores and regulates energy. Each of the chakra points is responsible for various activites. The seven chakras namely, root chakra (muladhara), sacral chakra (swadhisthana), solar plexus chakra (manipura), heart chakra (anahata), throat chakra (vishuddha), third-eye chakra (ajna), crown chakra (sahasrara).
Crystal Gifts – Healing crystals are often used for their metaphysical properties and are believed to promote healing and well-being. Crystals, reiki supplies, and other spiritual gifts make meaningful presents for women interested in holistic wellness and personal growth.
Crystal Meditation – Use these meditation accessories for meditation and other spiritual sessions. Keep room decor crystals beside you to experience the best healing energy. Spiritual crystals help to keep you motivated, and provide self-confidence to find creative ways to the new challenges that will arise along the way.

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