CRYSTAL JOURNEY Crystal J Candle Healing Pllr, 1 EA

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This Healing Reiki Energy Candle Is Hand Crafted In The Usa In A Factory In Essex, Connecticut. It Is Made By Crystal Journey From The Finest Wax And Lead-Free Materials. To Create The Healing Aroma The Company Uses Essential Oils Of Cedar, Lemon Balm, Heather, And Ocean. Use It Alone And It Provides A Healing Aroma For Your Mind, Body, And Soul. Used Together With The Peace Reiki Energy Candle The Combined Aroma Heals Mother Earth, Her Animals, And The Four Elements. Not A Bad Combo To Have On Hand During Hurricane Season Or During Winter Blizzards. Reiki Is A Japanese Buddhist Technique For Healing. It Works Via Vibrations. Reiki Is Not A Religion Although It Is Spiritual In Nature, As Are The Majority Of Healing Modalities Operating On The Sub-Atomic Level. Reiki Is Not A Dogma And Does Not Depend On Your Belief. Reiki Works Whether You Believe It Or Not. The Basic Technique Seeks To Send Positive Energy To Wherever You Have Negative Energy, Thus Bringing You Back To A Zero Charge Or In Balance. The Benefits Of The Individual Aromas Are Combined With Reiki?s Benefits To Bring A Positive Change Into Your Life. ? Each Candle Comes With An Affirmation And Inspirational Message. Remove The Label Before Lighting. Use A Flameproof Holder On A Protective Surface Away From Drafts, Children, And Pets. Trim The Wick Of Your Reiki Energy Candle To Inch Before Lighting.

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