Curawood Lotus Crystal Tray for Stones – Display Your Crystals & Healing Stones – Crystal Holder for Stones Display – Crystal Shelf Display for Stones – Crystal Organizer Bowl for Crystals Stones

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The lotus has been long revered for its beauty and unique petal shape. This beauty is what inspired our Lotus Tray, crafted out of acacia wood and varnished with a rich and warm stain. It is the ideal size for storing and displaying all of your favorite crystals, gemstones, essential oils, jewelry, trinkets and other collectable items. Each petal is carved to make space for an array of items of all shapes and sizes.

Add a natural element to your decor with this tray that styles perfectly with all decor. Whether your home is bohemian, modern, gothic or more of a farmhouse, this tray will compliment your style and create a beautiful space to store your items. It can act as a place to store items or as a stand alone piece on your coffee table or nightstand.

Give a gift that your friend or family member will enjoy and use daily. Perfect for keeping jewelry safe at the end of the day and a wonderful gift for the avid crystal lover in your life. The lotus flower represents long life and good luck, making the symbolic nature of the gift just as thoughtful as the gift itself.

This tray is expertly crafted with both function and beauty in mind. The rich varnish not only gives the tray a warm and natural tint, but also acts as a protective barrier for the wood and creates a smooth long lasting finish. This tray will elevate your decor while giving you a functional place to keep your favorite items organized and displayed.
Unique Crystal Holder — Crafted with beautiful acacia wood and finished with a beautiful rich varnish. The lotus flower design elevates the beauty of your crystals once they are placed in it. Keep your crystals in a safe and organized place so that they are easily accessible and ready to be used and enjoyed.
Keep Things Organized — The separated sections of the lotus flower give an added boost of organization. Keep your gemstones organized by variety or use it as a way to keep your jewelry and household items in one safe place. Each petal is carved to create a unique and spacious area to place your items.
A Memorable Gift — A gift for any occasion, this tray will hold your loved ones favorite items and will act as a beautiful reminder of your friendship. It has multiple uses, and works great for friends with collections, who love jewelry, use crystals, or enjoy rustic natural decor in their home.
Perfect On Your Nightstand — This vessel can also act as a place to keep your jewelry and other favorite items. At night once you are ready for bed, place all your jewelry into the tray on your nightstand where it will be ready for you to put on in the morning. It is also a beautiful accent piece to place beside your bed.

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