Earth Therapy Pocket Guardian Angel with Serenity Prayer Card – Amethyst Natural Crystal Healing Stone Figurine – Gift for Yourselves and Your Loved Ones – Home Decoration…

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Earth Therapy Original Pocket Guardian Angel with Serenity Prayer Card – Healing Stone Figurine – Bless Yourselves and Your Loved Ones
YOUR GORGEOUS AMETHYST CRYSTAL ANGEL can help relieve stress, soothe irritability, balance mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. With amethysts’ magnificent soothing effect emotional issues will be a thing of the past This wonderful stone is perfect to use in meditation and Reiki Healing, Third Eye and the Crown Chakras
POCKET-SIZED FIGURINE: Measuring 1.5 inches, this beautiful angel is easy to carry with you throughout the day. Keep it in your pocket, car, or on your night stand watching over you. Perfect size for holding in palm during prayers and meditation.
MAKES AN EXCELLENT GIFT: Bless yourselves and your loved ones with the spiritual healing and angelic energy infused in each of your pocket angels.  Angels give us magical gifts and inspiration to achieve our potential. Your guardian angel and prayer provide the extra push in the right direction you or a loved one might be needing.
HAND CARVED AND ONE OF A KIND: Each angel will have its own different pattern and charm. Because of the nature of crystal stones and hand-making process, your angel will have some slight variation in size, shape, color and texture. This is truly your own personal Guardian Angel!

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