Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp with Dimmer Switch 5-7 lbs

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Color: Orange Rock Salt tall Himalayan natural crystal salt lamp made of natural salt crystal from the Himalayan Mountains. Each lamp is individually handcrafted and unique sits on a beautiful Neem wood base. Comes with 15-watt light bulb, unique patented dimmer switch (fire resistant) 6.6feet electric cord. Every component made according to UL standards including salt rock by itself. Complete lamp etc certified. Today everyone have a salt lamp or curious about salt lamps. We will try our best to be honest and straight forward. We don’t want to be pushy and tells you that it will solve all your problems because we don’t have an answer to it but here we are listing some common questions and most popular search terms and blogs. What customers are searching commonly and we notice a lot of independent people answered those questions. Questions or search queries: Himalayan salt lamp benefits real vs. Fake salt lamps what are the benefits of Himalayan salt lamp are salt lamps safe for petshow does salt lamp workhere are few examples of our customers reviews and opinions. These reviews are 100 from customers who purchased and experienced these lamps. Every household should have this. I originally bought this for my little brother as a gift. But I wanted to make sure everything worked correctly and wasn’t broken when I received it, so I plugged it up in my kitchen. After having it turned on for literally 1 minute, the room just felt warm (not hot) and homey. it kind of freaks me out how calming and relaxing the energy from this lamp makes me feel lol. Beautiful, natural, pretty, warm glow! just arrived today, and so far, I’m finding it beautiful. As to appearance, it’s lovely, and soothing. The dimmer switch allows for a few different settings to adjust how bright you’d like it to go. I just turned it on and it’s sitting nearby, with quite wonderful glow. The best gift you’ll ever give! I fell in love with this lamp after seen it in a magazine and have given it as a Christmas, and a “just because” gift and it is a hit every time. A beautiful lamp I was a little concerned about the leakage that people seemed to be reporting. This seems to be a natural result of the salt lamp, depending on its environment. Though my room isn’t humid during the winter. A must for my stuffy apartment. this lamp spends all night dimmed on my bedside table. I’ve really appreciated the soft light in the room, and I’ve noticed a difference in air quality. It seems to be solidly built. I’ve owned this lamp since August 2016, and it still looks new out of the box. Thank you very much for your time! what is in the boxes x 15-watt light bulb 1 x Himalayan salt night lamp with dimmable switch. 1 x user manual of salt lamp
Once lit the lamp will emit a calming Amber color
Perfect Gift Choice: Specially designed Gift Box to each Crystal, WBM Salt Lamps are thoughtful gift for your loved one’s for every special occasions Like Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year Eve. It’s the Perfect Choice for your Love One’s with it’s Superior Quality to Brighten up your Mood and Create a more Romantic Atmosphere for your Room!
Each lamp is individually handcrafted and unique
Sits on a beautiful wooden neem base

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