Himalayan Glow Selenite Palm Stone, High Energy Calming Effects Healing Crystals, Pack 3

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Selenite crystal is powerful tool for all types of healing. Physically, it can help improve spinal alignment and encourage flexibility. It is thought to protect against seizures and facilitate the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Calcium, in particular, is more easily absorbed when in the presence of selenite. It is also believed that this stone can reverse the effects of free radicals and heal the body on a cellular level. It is good for breastfeeding mothers, too, and can neutralize problems associated with mercury poisoning from dental work. Emotionally, this crystal has the power to dispel negative thoughts. It also encourages overall positivity and a more optimistic outlook on life. It can lift your moods and serves as an excellent crystal for anyone who struggles with depression. Working with selenite can soothe upset emotions and provide emotional balance when it is needed. This crystal is also helpful in relationships of all types. It encourages healthy relationships built upon foundations of trust and honest communication from the heart. It heals and maintains both romantic and familial relationships. Selenite is especially powerful for spiritual healing. Working with it allows you to open your mind and heart to discover your true self. Doing so can also help you connect with gifts and memories from your past lives so that you can better understand your higher purpose. Selenite can help you connect with the angelic realm and receive spiritual guidance when you need it, too. Communication is strongly supported by this stone. You just have to quiet your mind and listen with your inner ear.
Natural Moroccan Selenite is a high quality and rare type of selenite that is known for its powerful healing properties
Selenite is perfect for use as a palm stone to help soothe and calm the mind and body
Selenite makes a wonderful addition to any home décor and makes a great gift for anyone in need of healing and calming energy
Some of the benefits of using Selenite Palm Stones include: stress relief, calming anxiety, relieving headaches, improving sleep quality, and reducing negative energy
Note: Due to the Natural Variation of Selenite, size, shape, and color may vary

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