The Silva Method Can Change Your Life

Silva method wiki

silva method wikiThe Silva Method is a technique that teaches people how to control their thoughts and emotions to achieve better health, success, and happiness. The method was created by Jose Silva, an American parapsychologist who developed it during the 1960s.

The Silva Method is the idea that the mind and body are connected and that you can control your health and well-being by controlling your thoughts. The method involves learning to enter into a deep state of relaxation and then using visualization techniques to achieve your goals.

The Silva Method in practice: how does the Silva Method work?

The Silva Method is a mind training system taught to more than 10 million people in over 100 countries. It works by using the power of your imagination to create positive changes in your life. The Silva Method teaches you how to use your intuition and inner guidance to achieve your goals and create the life you want. You will learn how to create and maintain your mental and emotional state to understand your thoughts and feelings better.

How can the Silva Method help those with mental illnesses?

The Silva Method program helps people improve their lives through self-awareness and positive thinking. It is helpful for those who suffer from mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression. The method can help people learn how to control their thoughts and emotions, leading to a more positive outlook on life. In addition, the Silva Method can provide people with tools that they can use to manage their mental illness. For example, participants in the program may learn relaxation techniques or visualization exercises to help them cope with their condition.

What are the benefits of using the Silva Method?

The Silva Method has been used successfully to:

  1. Improved focus and concentration
  2. Increased creativity and productivity
  3. Enhanced problem-solving skills
  4. Greater physical and emotional well-being
  5. Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  6. Improved memory and cognitive function

Who can use the Silva Method?

The Silva Method is a program that anyone can use. It helps people focus and connect with their intuition to achieve their goals. The program is easy to follow and does not require any special skills or knowledge. Anyone interested in improving their life can use the Silva Method.

What does the science say about the Silva Method?

Dr. Hahn needed to demonstrate to the Mind Science Foundation board of directors that Silva’s program was valid, so he undertook a major survey. Detailed, comprehensive survey forms were mailed to 10,000 Silva Method graduates. More than 1,100 of them took the time to fill out the forms and return them, an unusually high percentage. The graduates seemed eager to express their opinions.

The results were spectacular. Not only were people receiving all of the benefits they had sought when they first came to the course, but they were also benefiting in ways they had not expected. They were correcting problems that they had not even considered correcting by using the Silva Method techniques.

There was also a question about the graduates’ overall opinion of the Silva Method. Only half a dozen had any complaints, while the rest—99.6% of the graduates—were satisfied.

To validate the survey, Dr. Hahn conducted another survey. In this one, he got responses from every person who attended a Silva Method Basic Lecture Series in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The results in Albuquerque were the same as the results from the other survey, and every person was satisfied with the course.

Armed with proof that the Silva Method works and that graduates were reporting outstanding benefits. Dr. Hahn now approached other scientists and encouraged them to investigate Silva’s work. He helped arrange with clinical psychologist Dr. Puryear to hold a Silva Method class at the Trinity University campus in San Antonio. Then Dr. Hahn approached the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio. He arranged for Dr. Robert Barns, head of the Psychiatry Department, and Dr. Richard McKenzie, head of the Psychology Department, to invite Silva to present a lecture and demonstration of how to control brain waves consciously.

Students and professors were impressed because at that time, scientists believed that brain waves were under autonomic control, and could not be altered by individuals. Later Dr. Hahn arranged with Dr. Fred Bremner, head of the Department of Psychology at Trinity University, to test Silva and some of the people that Silva had trained.

For the first time, scientists verified in a scientific laboratory that people could learn to control their brain waves. They also conducted a scientific experiment that involved Silva teaching his method to 20 of the students at the university. As usual, the results were successful. They were reported in the British scientific journal Neuropsychologia, Vol. 10, pages 307-312 and pages 467-469.

Source – Mind Valley

Drawbacks of the Silva Method: are there any drawbacks to using the Silva Method?

There have been reports some people find it difficult to follow the technique correctly. Another drawback is that some people may experience side effects such as headaches, dizziness, or nausea. Additionally, the Silva Method may not be effective for everyone. The video below should clear up any confusion you have.


In conclusion, the Silva Method is an excellent way to improve your life. It can help you achieve your goals, connect with your intuition, and live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. If you are interested in learning more about the Silva Method or trying it out for yourself, I encourage you to do so. It could be the best decision you ever make. Please visit our article on meditation to help enhance your spiritual well-being.

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