YUVDIPR Black Tourmaline Tree of Life of Life Necklace Seven Chakra Pendant Statues Figurines Room Décor Kitchen Table Feng Shui Office Desk Spiritual Gift House Plants Indoor Gemstone

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1. BEST OFFICE AND HOME DECOR: Crystal Chakra tree could be used decorated as energy healing décor, buddha décor, chakra table décor, crystal décor, positive energy décor etc. money tree looks elegant in your bedroom living room, office table desk, positive office décor, office table decor, office feng shui etc. These feng shui items attract positive energy in the atmosphere.
2. ENERGY HEALING CRYSTALS: These crystals help in meditating, healing, removing positive energy and attracts negative energy. This is the feng shui cure for wealth. It should be placed in southeast corner of the house to improve the wealth luck.
3. CREATES POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE: Energy Generating Crystals brings peace, harmony and ease. Reiki gems repel negative energy and stores positive energy. Crystal chakra tree turns negative energy into lucky, fruitful energy that can turn bad situations into blessings. For clarity, self-confidence and peace, you can trust these crystals of wealth. These gemstone generators are beautiful as they are powerful healing tools.
4. A GREAT REIKI MASTER GIFT: These chakra items could be great reiki master gifts. Reiki healing crystals could be used for crystal gifts, gifts for buddhists, stones gifts, crystal gifts for home, good karma gifts, good luck gifts, feng shui gifts, positive energy gifts etc. These could be gifted as any occasional gifts like Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, thanksgiving gifts, new year gifts, anniversary gifts etc.
BLACK TOURMALINE CRYSTAL HEALING STONES: Black Tourmaline Gem is a very powerful stone which is used for protection. Bonsai tree décor will help you to get rid of toxins, environmental pollutants and provide good energy. Black tourmaline Tree of life is one of the most powerful grounding, purification, and protection stones. Chakra tree of life converts negative energy into positive. Gemstone tree helps in healing.
BUDDHIST TREE OF LIFE OFFICE DECOR: This Buddha Gemstone Tree is perfect for your Tree of life sculptures table top. Chakra tree will fir your interior perfectly. It will purify your home surrounding from many negative energies which creates negativity in the atmosphere. It is Prosperity and Good Luck stone. It will bring good luck in your professional life. Living room decor , home decor living room, desk decoration, kitchen table decor, office desk decor are other names for this.
CHAKRA TREE AS BUDDHA GIFT: You may also gift buddha tree of life to your loved ones. Money Tree is also a gift for decoration as a showpiece at table. You may gift this feng shui tree to your loved ones boyfriend , girlfriend, office friends, best friends etc at any occasion like back to school, Earth Day, Communion, Sweet Sentiments etc. You may use it as spiritual gifts for women, spiritual gifts, good luck gifts, office gifts, office gifts for women, natural life gifts, crystal gifts, etc
NOTE: We are dealing in all types of feng shui reiki products for home and office décor. We assure you a great quality in our products. We believe in best customer service so you may contact us for any query. The item should be opened with care. After unpacking the tree kindly open the branches they are wrapped for safety purposes during packaging. Since these are natural stones so the color sizes may vary slightly from image. Item should be cleaned slightly with clean cloth.

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